Glide Into New Behavioral Insights

OffWeGo provides travel insurers with new digital insights into the daily travel habits of their policyholders for better underwriting, faster claims processing, and more!

  • Risk Scoring

    OffWeGo's algorithms report travelers' risk tolerances and behavioral insights. 

  • Real Time Insights

    OffWeGo reports real-time user behavioral insights and nudges them to less risky outcomes. 

  • Faster Response Times

    Since we have a clearer overall picture of what led to a specific claim we can help speed up the claims process.

OffWeGo Delivers Real-Time Traveler Risk Habits

You might think of yourself as a 'safe' traveler but in reality, what do your daily travel habits tell you? Do you check in every day, geographically and emotionally? Do you read the destination intelligence before your go? While you're there? 

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