Traveler-Centric Risk Management

Empowering the next generation of safe travelers

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Designed by the traveler for the travel manager.

  • Reward Safe Behavior

    Incentivize and reward travelers for proper travel safety habits.

  • Travel Risk Modeling

    Understand who's most at risk and proactively reach out.

  • Premium Travel Assistance

    Access to executive-level assistance, including destination intelligence, alerts, and on-call services.

What We Do

OffWeGo is a mobile app that matches travelers together while giving access to executive-level safety & security support services so that travelers can have fun and travel managers know their travelers are safe.

OffWeGo engages travelers in the best ways possible, according to that individual person, so we’re able to gain better and more data points. We then provide this information to their sponsoring organization in a streamlined manner so that their organization can provide the best services and make the best policies possible, to ensure the safety of their travelers.

Our Mission

To make safe travel easier and more efficient for every traveler and every travel manager.

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In the Press

Off YOU Go! 🚀

Reach out to see how OffWeGo can save you time and energy managing your travel.

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