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In travel risk management, Duty of Loyalty infers that travelers should refrain from behaving in a manner that would be contrary to their organization’s best interests on a work/school-related trip.

It is the responsibility the traveler has to their organization to actively participate in trip planning, follow the emergency procedures, and use general common sense in avoiding unnecessary risks when traveling on behalf of their institution/employer.

We engage our travelers where, how, and why they want to be engaged with the goal of reducing risk and increasing compliance through social connection and community, comparison of in-destination resources, and proven gamification techniques. We do this through our mobile app that matches travelers together while giving access to executive-level safety & security support services so that travelers can have fun and travel managers know their travelers are safe.

We engage travelers in the best ways possible, according to that individual traveler, so we’re able to gain better and more data points. We then provide this information to their university/sponsoring organization in a streamlined manner so that their organization can provide the best services and make the best policies possible, to ensure the safety of their travelers.

  • Analyze and Track Risk

    OffWeGo sheds light into the daily risk habits of your travelers to give you a clear understanding of your travelers.

  • Find and Locate Your Travelers

    OffWeGo shows last reported location of the traveler

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By incentivizing the traveler to submit the required travel data, we automatically aggregate and send it to the appropriate administrator, so they can better manage their travelers, and make informed policies accordingly, aiding in the Duty of Care of the institution and/or organization.

Through our partnerships with travel assistance and insurance providers, travelers receive access to features such as intelligence services (safety text/email alerts), destination briefings, on-call support, and evacuation for various scenarios, depending on the risk tolerance and subscription tier of the organization. We then synthesize aggregate traveler data to aid policy creation and claims processing for insurance providers, hopefully resulting in lower premiums for travelers and organizations alike.​

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